Financial law, Financing, and Trust law

Our Finance team has experience in various types of financial transactions comprehensively. In particular, we are dealing with a large number of structured finance projects, such as securitization and liquidation transactions and project finance, as well as syndicated loan projects. We are involved in the first real estate securitization project in Japan through intra-trust borrowings, as well as the development of various new products and dealing with unique projects. We are also dealing with asset finance such as ship finance, financing for renewable energy facilities, corporate finance such as syndicated loans, and provide a full range of legal advice on financial regulations and practices such as banking, trust-related operations, and financial instruments business.

Real estate financing and transactions

In recent years, real estate transactions have become increasingly complex, and it has become difficult to complete transactions successfully, particularly in large-scale projects, without the knowledge and experience of finance and trusts. In addition, it is important to devise ideas tailored to the type of property, such as offices, residential properties, logistics and retail facilities, hotels, and healthcare facilities. We offer more practical advice from a practical and legal view of experienced attorneys who have been involved in a variety of real estate transactions from various perspectives, including lenders, equity investors, borrowers, and asset managers (investment advisors and investment management firms).

Investment Fund

While the environment surrounding the structuring of investment funds is constantly changing, it is important to be familiar with the perspective of practice in structuring such funds, and it is necessary to form funds in accordance with regulatory and practical circumstances. There are also many cross-border deals, which require a wide range of considerations. Our team is involved in various domestic and cross-border fund projects, including venture capital funds, buyout funds, real estate funds, infrastructure funds, bond investment funds, and revitalization funds, from the perspectives of the originators and investors, respectively.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Globalization is also advancing in the field of international dispute resolution, and there will be situations where it's not possible to complete the dispute resolution function by only the legal proceedings conducted by Japanese courts. In such situations, the international arbitration procedure is utilized to a great extent, and it is required to be able to handle domestic and foreign procedures. Our team which members have extensive experience in litigation in Japan and overseas, as well as international arbitration proceedings, is dealing with dispute resolution procedures such as litigation, arbitration and mediation.


There is no doubt that M&A is one of the legal fields that have been greatly affected by globalization, as evidenced by the many cases in which Japanese companies have been acquired by foreign companies. Our team which members were among the first case of stock acquisition rights in Japan and have since handled numerous large-scale acquisitions, provide strategic legal services in M&A.